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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: December 10, 2017

by on January 3, 2018



As we move into the final days of 2017, I would be remiss if I didn’t look back to see what our Association’s accomplishments have been and what we should be thankful for. Our membership and certified members continue to grow in numbers. Our CEU material, provided through our Learning Management System on our website, continues to expand and provide easy and affordable access to continuing education credits. Schools and educational programs are reaching out to us for approval in increasing numbers. Our public awareness program has states and government agencies requiring our certifications in their contracts.

What am I thankful for? In addition to the hard work of our management team and our committee members, there are several things that I am thankful for. There is a growing demand for our profession. More courts and government agencies are moving to electronic reporting than ever before. The nationwide shortage of court reporters is placing our services in even greater demand. The advances in recording technology make electronic reporting and transcription more competitive. Most of all, electronic court reporters and transcribers are the future of court reporting.

This past month, I wrote an article, AAERT Welcomes Videographers: The Question of Videographer Membership. The purpose of the article is to stimulate the conversation about this parallel recording technology and to point out the similarities in how we perform our jobs and the benefits available to videographers with AAERT membership. If you know any legal videographers, spread the word. We’d love to have them join our ranks.

State legislatures across the country are ramping up for their legislative sessions. Some of these states may be considering legislation affecting court reporting and transcription practices in their courts and for taking depositions. AAERT’s Government Relations Committee Chair, Rick Russell, along with his committee members, continue to monitor changes that may have an impact on electronic reporting. In addition, this committee has been requested to reach out to several hand-picked states to introduce AAERT, our practices, and our certifications. Now is a golden opportunity for all of us to work together and monitor our local jurisdictions. Once you know the process, it only takes a few minutes a week to contact your local government agency and make an introduction. With a little bit of effort from all of us, we can open new markets and make a big difference in the acceptance of our profession. For more information on how to get involved in this important task, contact Mike Tannen at or Rick Russell at

The role of managers is to understand a process and to control things or people to achieve a successful end result. In order to do so, managers need to make decisions based on their knowledge of the situation. First and foremost in this process is having the right information at your disposal. To that end, our Membership Committee Chair, Jennifer Metcalf-Razzino, will be conducting several surveys in the coming months. Each survey will provide your AAERT leadership with valuable information about you and your professional needs. Please take a few moments and fill out the survey questionnaires.

We have made some amazing progress this past year. Your Board of Directors will be meeting in Providence, Rhode Island in January of 2018. We have a full agenda. With feedback and participation from all of you, we can improve our association, our profession, and your skills.

The AAERT Board, management team, and I wish you all a safe and joyous holiday season



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  1. Geoff, I wish the best to AAERT. There is no doubt that AAERT is gaining on NCRA as AAERT keeps registering new members while NCRA keeps losing retiring members, further aggravated by the fact that steno schools keep closing with 5% – 7% graduation rates.

    There is one statement however that you make in your president’s message, “that PC keyboard transcribers is the future.” No, it is not. I agree, courtrooms everywhere are going to – in not already – will upgrade to the very best DAR and DVR, with HQ wireless lapel mics, empowering all the more ASR, automated speech recognition.

    I invite anyone to click on this link – or copy paste it in their address bar

    Every state in the union is striving to find ways to serve its citizenry, which includes where it can get it instant transcripts or snail mail transcripts – and the cheapest possible price – as this technology eventually becomes ubiquitous throughout the land.

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